Mayday, mayday, my website’s been hacked!

How do you know if your WordPress website has been hacked?

Signs to look for include:

  • Your website has been defaced
  • Users arrive from search engines and are redirected to other unsavoury websites (“link hijacking”)
  • Visitors to the website see a ‘Google Safe Browsing’ notice
  • You are receiving bounce notifications for spam e-mails that you didn’t send
  • Your security plugin has reported problems – for example, files which contain malicious code, or changed files within the WordPress core
  • You have noticed strange files on the server when accessing the site via FTP

What can you do about a hacked WordPress site?

It’s important not to panic. WordPress is such a popular Content Management System that many other people have experienced these problems. You have probably not been singled out – it’s more likely to be the case that the damage occurred as a result of an out-of-date WordPress installation or a plugin which contained a security vulnerability.

If your site contains the details of customers or registered users, it’s especially important to resolve problems, to ensure the integrity of your customer data.

We can disinfect your site

Our WPRescue service provides a quick, confidential and professional service to diagnose and fix the problems affecting your hacked WordPress website.

We charge £20 (ex VAT) for 15 minutes of our time. We promise to work hard to solve your problem in the minimum amount of time we can, but most problems will require a minimum of 30 minutes.

We will make sure that everything is updated. We also will add extra layers of security to key files and audit your security practices.

WordPress expertise at your disposal

We have been working with WordPress since 2009, and have created and hosted hundreds of WordPress-based projects. Inevitably, we have had to deal with infected sites. The lessons that we have learned, and the experience that we have gained, are now available to you.

We can get you back up and running quickly and restore your confidence in your website. Contact us now to get started