Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how we approach things? Here some more insights about how we will go about our work:

What will you do first?

Before we change anything we will have a good look around and see if we can see what’s causing the problem. That will include logging in to WordPress and looking at your site’s files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). We may also install non-intrusive plugins that can help us to analyse your website.

Will you back up my site?

Yes. We will install a plugin which will allow us to quickly ‘clone’ your website to a temporary server we control. This will be used as a ‘control copy’ – so we have a complete copy of your site as it was before we made any changes. When you are satisfied with our work, we will delete this cloned copy. We will not retain any permanent copies of your website or your data.

Can you provide a ‘maintenance page’?

Yes. If you are concerned that the issues on your website are impacting on your visitors’ experience, we can install a simple plugin which will show your visitors a message from you explaining that the site is temporarily unavailable. This can even include the ability for them to leave their e-mail address so you can tell them when the site is live again.

Will you document what you find and what you do as a result?

Yes, we keep a record of each project which we will share with you.

How do you track the time you spend working on my website?

We use a time-tracker called Harvest, which creates time sheets. These time sheets can be shared with you at any point during the project.

Will you contact me about any decisions that I need to make?

Of course. It’s possible that if the problem is caused by an out-of-date plugin or theme, you may have to make a decision to use an alternative. We will keep you posted and explain the impact of any decisions we need you to make.

We won’t do anything that significantly affects how your website works, or how it looks, without talking to you first.

Can you liaise with third parties on my behalf?

In principle, yes, we are willing to communicate with your website developer or hosting company on your behalf. Please note that in some cases this may require you to provide additional security details, or just to send an e-mail and make an introduction.