Our Charges

We are here as an emergency service to get your hacked WordPress website cleaned. We are NOT here to sell you a subscription to a security plugin. There is no ongoing commitment to work with us.

We charge for our time in blocks of 15 minutes. Just like with a real-life emergency – plumbing, electrical or mechanical – it’s not always possible to predict how long your particular problem will take to remedy, but we will do our best to estimate the work involved once you send us your Mayday. Also like a real-life emergency, we may discover further issues while we are working on the site which modify our understanding of how much work is needed.

We charge £20 for 15 minutes of our time. We promise to work hard to solve your problem in the minimum amount of time we can, but most problems will require a minimum of 30 minutes.


  • At the end of the process you receive an invoice with a breakdown of the time we spent, and a report on what we found and what we did.
  • Our invoices can be paid via PayPal or by bank transfer.
  • For customers in the United Kingdom we also have to charge VAT.